Drink up, twice. Drinking two of these a day will help keep you healthy


Hourly markers to boost daily water intake. 100% BPA and toxin free. Quality, odor free tritan co-polyester plastic. Great for gym, sports, home and office. One-handed opening by clicking the button and flip top lid with secure lock – dust and leak proof.


Prometheuz Health Water Bottle


Prometheuz Health Water Bottle

Weight Loss

Did you know, water makes up 60% of our bodies? Therefore, it is vital to consistently drink water throughout the day. Did you also know, water is 100% calorie free? Wow. That’s a shocker! So, by replacing high calorie sugary drinks with water or even sparkling water, you are already helping your weight loss journey. Want another fun fact? By consuming water before and also during a meal, it may help suppress your appetite. Therefore, resulting in better portion control and not wanting to go for seconds.

Muscle Building

Water, believe it or not, gives you energy and keeps you more awake and alert. By consuming the right amount of water, you are allowing your muscles to maintain proper fluids and electrolytes. Drinking H20 enhances athletic performance, boosts energy levels and improves focus, which in turn increases muscle mass and strength and speeds up recovery. 

Prometheuz Health Water Bottle
Prometheuz Health Water Bottle

Stress Relief

Did you know, dehydration leads to higher cortisol levels, making it harder to deal with daily tasks. By depleting your body of its needs, in this case water, you are creating internal stress. The world today has many external stress factors. It is important you are fulfilling your bodies needs so you can function properly and perform everyday tasks without feeling stressed.