Yohimbine Extreme

Yohimbine Extreme is an organic compound mostly used as a dietary supplement to help weight loss. It comes from an African tree and is used for its many medicinal traits. It’s most commonly used for an increase in libido, performance enhancement, weight loss and to boost energy levels. It is also used for a few veterinary purposes.


Yohimbine Extreme


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Yohimbine Extremeyohimbine

Prometheuz Health Yohimbine Extreme is a fat burning alkaloid found in the bark of a West African tree known as Yohimbe. Yohimbine has been used for centuries for it’s many medicinal traits and many other common usages.

  • A favorite with athletes because it not only enhances performance but also boosts energy levels and increases endurance.
  • Improves sexual health and libido in both men and women.
  • Another phenomenon that has made it famous is known as ‘Fat Loss’, the weight loss process starts within a few days of taking yohimbine. However this process speeds up if you take the right diet with it.
  • The most effective way to burn fat with Yohimbine is to take it while fasting or between meals.
  • Used to improve cognitive functions which is appreciated by athletes and non-athletes alike.
  • Yohimbine Hydrochloride is also a drug used to aid erectile dysfunction. However not much research has been done on this.
  • Yohimbine alkaloid is also used in veterinary medicine for dogs and deer to avert the influence of xylazine.
  • It is known to improve anxiety and to have anti aging side effects but again, not a lot of research has been done in this area of its properties.

A lot of research has been done on Yohimbine HCL to explore any adverse effects caused by using it to reduce fat loss. Studies show that no real temporary or permanent side effects arise even after a month of constantly taking it as a dietary supplement. However fat loss improves if taken between meals or while fasting and if taken with a combination of other supplements.

Yohimbine Extreme is known to give you an energy boost right away and should be avoided before bedtime otherwise you’d be running around like a kid on caffeine.

Even though it has minimal side effects, when not taken carefully and if used for recreational purposes and abusing its recommended dosage it can cause high blood pressure, insomnia and headaches.

Yohimbine HCL dosage is 15mg, which means one capsule, but depends a lot on the individual’s body weight. Yohimbine dosage can be between 15-30 mg depending on your weight but you should always err on the side of caution and take a lower dose than prescribed in the first week of your cycle.

People with cardiovascular problems should not take Yohimbine HCL.

Disclaimer: If under a physician’s care, or taking medication, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.  Importantly, if you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, do not use  without consulting a physician.


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